Let the Bird Out

Our Father/Creator/Universe Maker now please set the world we know free. People be pleased to open the word that flies through the open skies.

As we take out bats and strike each other we remain trapped in the doubt of the power of faith. When you’re in trouble it’s easy to say that the devil and sin is to blame. But consider for a minute if you have grace, what promise of salvation the King was in place for the place on Earth that we’re in.

Would the peace in your heart and my heart hurt the peace on Earth if the Bible were firm and kind.? The king of England spoke in place of the King and the church was held to the stake. So how do the people be taught to stay close to the Word of the Lord? With all that they had at the time in the place they taught with fear of the loss of power.

Light was thought of before the sun was created; the sun is the Son in my mind. The sun was created before there was light and the child of God came after creation to pay for all of our sin. The sin was the power usurped by the king of the land. So really why give the power to the royalty on the Earth? How about we put the light back on the mind of the people created in God’s own image and place the sun in the sky to continually rise and share with the world every day.

Pastor Stephen Furtick states “of every entity He made, only one essence spoke back” and it wasn’t the birds and the bees. Let’s take back and say with creativity, spoken into reality, that the Bible is written for our peace on Earth and peace of mind. Mind your peace and take a piece of the Bible that’s negative and shouts and burn it in the fire of the Lord.

(Photo by Aziz Acharki of Unsplash)

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