Her Story

from my point of view

Some men have disregarded my emotions running my mind through the mud when I only wanted to lift them up. Then some sisters with their misunderstanding and jealousy stomped on my face, filling my nose, my eyes, and my mouth with their vile, distant distaste.

And the ones who knew what was going on rarely came to the house. They all knew I was lonely. Let me tell you a story . . .

When I gave birth to my third or fourth precious child, the church group arranged a cleaning time to “help” me. When I told them I would be embarrassed to receive that help and said I would be so very pleased to be visited because I was lonely–no one came over.

When will we listen! When will I listen to the love that does surround me?

For a woman who has seen herself as disregarded and shoved in the corner with a blanket or saw herself as one who had to wear the scarlet letter for all the world . . . Let me ask . .. . were you unsettled when you saw the power that came forth from this disregarded, shamed, angry, seemingly fearless woman? What do you think can be done from here? Powerhouse people come in both genders.

You can visit those that have a powerhouse inside of them and if they are truly strong people, they will treat you with grace and respect despite what they have done. But believe it, they will hold you on the hot seat for a while.

And the hot seat will help you to see love, as a woman who has been trampled sat herself on the hot seat and there I learned to love.

(With Thanks to Daryl Han for this photo found on Unsplash)

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