Leaving the Wilderness

The broken family

Of adult children

And ex remarried

And homes remade

Lets me know

It’s time now

To leave the family home.

With the birth

Certificates given back

To adult children

And photos divided out,

The basement clean,

The garage emptied,

And the closet stocked

With wishes and desires.

All mine, this time,

They twist and bend

With a desire just beginning

To wake.

A wish to have a quiet spot

To write the true story

Of my life, at least from my

Point of view.

This I can do

And I will learn how

To turn the tale of

Disease and disaster

Into one of wry laughter

And in the meantime

I’ll be content

Stroking dog fur and

Seasoning my coffee with

Salty tears

Until I chase the fears

Of adulting self.

(with gratefulness extended to Daniel Lincoln for sharing his photo on Unsplash)

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