Dwelling in the mine of my mind

and slogging through the slosh

of what others and I did do,

until with a humbling call

to another one who so kind and dear

lent her gentle voice and help

and led me from the

dungeon dark. As I

squeezed through the hardened

bars of my mind

Reaching forth first with extended hand

and slowly, sweetly acccepting

His, my Kind of Kings

to hold my hurting heart,

to calm my fearful mind,

to feed me with His kind-

ness and show me

His golden grasses, field

kissed by summer sun

and I lay my head on padded earth,

with one deep breath

I knew I was loved

and cared for by One for sure.

Thank you Jesus.

(Extending gratefulness to Jacob Amson of Unsplash for the picture of the smiling lamb)

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