Honorable Justice,

With such a prestigious name and position we humbly ask you to consider us.  We are the so-called down trodden, low lifers, imprisoned human beings.  We have spent a lifetime gaining the courage that you have, and learned from your very public display, how to speak for ourselves.  It’s with heartfelt thanks that we applaud you for being such a great teacher.

Let us tell you a story.  There once was a young woman who lived the life of the old woman in the shoe.  She did her best to make it a home and her children were blessed with her spirit of goodness.  She was called by many names.  All she wanted was the best for her babies and sometimes those babies with their underdeveloped great minds fought back against society for the misjustice of their mother.  Honestly, they were good boys and girls, there were just misguided.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Isn’t the family unit the strongest unit in the strongest mind?  You have certainly shown us.  Thank you.

So, just wondering M. Trudeau . . . what music did your mother play for you when you were young?  It may be very helpful if we tell you what we heard so you can see out of our heart.  May I suggest aquarius song 5th dimension – Search (bing.com)  It’s very well done and you can also watch an artistic version of our desires. There are so many great videos we can’t stop at just one, so here is one for you Up, Up and Away – Bing video. To start with.  


A Citizen

PS.  Here’s a little gift THE 5th DIMENSION – Aquarius & Let The Sun Shine In (2007) – Bing video  I hope it makes sense to you.  Cheers, Adios and all those other linguistic expressions I missed.

Please reach out and credit the artists who have shown us their souls. We applaud you for your courage and your grace in reaching out to others.

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