She Speaks

Dear Hon Maryanne Ryan and Hon. Cabinet Members,

It is with great concern that I write to you.  As an unwitting victim of abuse I am in the hospital for at least the third and maybe the fourth time with extreme PTSD.

This stems from a lifetime of abuse at the hands of parents, husband, and public.  Where to begin . . . 

Neglected as a child I grew up watching tv and reading books.  Obviously, now, I am in introvert.  Introverts are not mentally ill, they are deep thinkers who get along very well with other deep thinkers.  We, introverts, are unique and not lacking anything that extroverts have.  We can step into their world more easily than they can step into ours.  Just watch us act.

It is my belief and realization that my face is recognized by many people now.  I wondered how this could be, since I live the life of a recluse in the small town of Botha, Alberta.  This town has shunned me, for one reason or another.  This is beside the point.  My point is, that I do not know the people who recognize me.  I wonder what platforms I’m on other than my little blog and my twitter account with 0 followers.  And maybe my facebook account with under 200 people, non of whom I have ever met in person.

Additionally, I have been a employee who was denied a break on an 8 hour shift.  I worked full time for the company for 4 years and was unjustly fired.  It was for Zanuil and Shazma Holdings under the direct supervision of Lisha who is now the manager of the three hotels I worked at.  I worked at least 925 hours per day for 4 years and was never allowed a paid or unpaid break where I could leave the hotel.  This is common practice in the hotel industry.  Should we not be paid overtime for that half hour, and what about the two 15 minute breaks in a 8 hour shift?  I think there needs to be some retroactive pay, do you not agree?  Further, since I worked for the same company in the same industry but at three different hotels in the city in a given week, should I not have received overtime?  I worked for something like 25 days without a day off., I believe I started working for them in 2019 and was fired, told I quit, but Lisha Elias misrepresented what happened when I told her in no uncertain terms I was “done” being yelled at and hung up the phone.  She locked me out of the office, played the innocent one, and had me work for her after she locked the doors.  The other guests were witnesses to her behaviour.

Also, since social media is such a rampant platform for public speculation, it should be mandated, in my humble opinion, that anyone who profits from a youtube or tik tok video off of someone elses life should pay royalties.  Again, I believe this payment should be made retroactive.  Genius Elon Musk would be a good candidate to investigate people who don’t come forward and state they profited off of someone else.  Again, in my humble opinion, first option to come clean should be rewarded without penalty but with the assurance they would need to pay royalties  If someone does not come forward, then it is only reasonable to consider that hefty penalties by made to a victim services type organization.  The very real feeling of being watched has caused me great dismay and made my life a living hell.  I tried to run away from it several times in the past two weeks.  I landed  in emergency twice and both times shook rapidly and violently as though I were experiencing withdrawal.  Now I am in St. Mary’s Hospital in Camrose where I am receiving care.  Thankfully, I did not land in Ponoka Centennial Center as before, since I was also ridiculed and ashamed in that hospital as I was in my own home.  Yes, I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, which Pastor Stephen Furtick well knows and used my situation to preach against me when I reached out for support.  He also openly stated my mental condition on youtube.  

The pain and suffering I have experienced at the hands of so many people can only be imagined and I feel I should be compensated with the assurance that this type of abuse will not continue for me or anyone else.  Also, I need to be compensated monetarily according to the degree of abuse I suffered by specific individuals and the public at large who let it happen and did nothing to stop it.  Even perpetuated it.  


Colleen Nederlof

PS We need to have a government who is responsible to the people and one who will start to recognize discriminations is financial and not racial. As a post middle aged Caucasian female I believe I have been recriminated against for many years.

2 thoughts on “She Speaks

  1. I watch you every single day.
    Every day I watch you and follow you.
    You are being watched. Know I watch you ad everyone watches you
    Every single day. We watch you
    You are crazy lol


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