Stolen Humanity?

Rising like a dough boy

and noticing somewhere buried

inside is a gumby joint that aches

from traipsing through slightly crusted over

snow drifts of my mind.

The type of drift that kindly takes

the full weight of me

then collapses and sinks

ice crystals into sloppy snow boots.

All the while carrying

a heavy load of semi-precious

objects that really mean nothing.

And when you think of things,

an object that infiltrates a mindset

I’m learning to object

and set thoughts on humanity.

That which was stolen,

each silly possession that

stole comfort,

by handcuffing finances

and seeping sordid worry into peaceful mind,

or taxed muscles to secure

firing painful impulses in troubled brain

disturbed my mood and

stole the comradery between friends

and future friends.

Here’s to a future of good feelings

and few real things

(With gratitude extended to Laurent Perren for the photo)

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