Aging Dawn

Gnarly toes,

freshly scrubbed

In moment’s rest,

propped on pillowed bliss

Steaming coffee

with comfort cream

Cupped in black lined fingers.

Uniform of honest,

soiled jeans

And now-thinned

button-down shirt

With ragged sleeve,

Long ago hooked

by an errant corral nail.

Kind lined face,

Reddened by sun and wind,

Smiling from hearing

Pleasant bird song in summer sun

Whch compliments our day plans.

And a smallish hand

Outstretched to squeeze

some tender care

Into the man

who works the land.

And all my life

I’ve yearned for life

Like my grandma,

my mentor, my friend,

I am honored to

Become the best

Version of her

that I can.

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