Conscience Waterer

His giant hands weild an Anvil shaped shovel, While mountainous arms Dig up clods of hardened soil, Like souls without a heart. But then, fingers of a four year old, Calloused, yet they be, Dance among the lilac roots Combing free quarrelsome quack grass Like nasty witch’s tongues. And with a conscious waters well WithContinue reading “Conscience Waterer”

Self Care Multiplied

Lilac tree shoots, Little beauties, unruly, Grew up from the mother’s root. And those little babies Were dug and adopted Once, and twice, and three times more. And they grew in yards a many. The first tender shoots Infused their scents At the start of the woman’s day. And her act of self care InContinue reading “Self Care Multiplied”


Sprinkler’s false rain Leopard spotted the window, And outside, the rich black soil, Like quicksand. So spots remain, Troubling my view Of the poplar jungle outside. And I wonder How I’ve transplanted Myself from single Barren home, to home Filled to brimming By another. Will she mind if I declutter? Will he? And I breatheContinue reading “Mannequin”

Hero In

She wimpered– “We had no hope.” The knife blades Slicing skin, The sweat, Pooled on soiled mattress, That was bad enough But the thoughts of dread Opened the demon’s door And he motioned with Cooked finger And imploded their heads With thoughts of nothingness, Numbness is bliss. So screaming hurt subsides And urgent craving satisfiedContinue reading “Hero In”

Ginger Tea

1 tbl fresh ground ginger 1/4 tsp nutmeg 1/2 tsp cinnamon Boiling water Boil water and pour into a quart sealer jar. Or large pickle jar, etc. Put ground ginger into a tea ball and add dry spices to tea ball on top of the ginger. Put ball into jar and let steep for anContinue reading “Ginger Tea”


Ever played football With emotions, thoughts, and past wives? I have, and am, and it’s got to end. His late wife was early love, First love, most loved, and lasting love, A truly giving woman. I peek into her welcoming smile And see a quiet strength Displayed in proud poise. He tells tales, and IContinue reading “Friends?”

Aging Dawn

Gnarly toes, freshly scrubbed In moment’s rest, propped on pillowed bliss Steaming coffee with comfort cream Cupped in black lined fingers. Uniform of honest, soiled jeans And now-thinned button-down shirt With ragged sleeve, Long ago hooked by an errant corral nail. Kind lined face, Reddened by sun and wind, Smiling from hearing Pleasant bird songContinue reading “Aging Dawn”