Shreiking Shower

Ah the morning shower is no longer the place where I will stand in steamy goodness dreaming of sandy beaches and ocean waves. Lately I’ve been on a path to better myself. So I woke up and went through my morning duties like let the dog out, make the bed, start the coffee and todayContinue reading “Shreiking Shower”

My Humble Thoughts on the Health Card Passport

Yesterday, I got my health card ‘passport’ allowing me to go into a restaurant if I choose to.  I feel a little like it is controlling and against my rights, but at the same time, I understand people need to be kept safe and some people have immunocompromised loved ones at home and I can’tContinue reading “My Humble Thoughts on the Health Card Passport”


Love is a choice.  She knows just where she’s going But not how to get there. Forgets to brake before the corner Almost off the road With a shake of the shoulders She steps out to the ditch Lets loose and starts to run Back in the seat, and on again Others report her forContinue reading Goldfish