Prey Tell

Waiting game for the office of the officers to open, for the guests’ wagon of welcome has come and gone in more ways than one. Out of my castle, my home and my room. For the mess they live in, I’m disgruntled enough but the problems they pack around are more like chocolate fudge. IContinue reading “Prey Tell”

Words Worth Listening To

Personally, I love the line . . . “to suffer the ignorance of those who lie to you for their own personal gain” All too often I’ve been lied to so others may gain a sense of superiority. The loss of dignity I feel is worth far more to me than the gain that othersContinue reading “Words Worth Listening To”

It Matters

The Comrade’s  sweepings of life are  spread like cumulus clouds  guiding ribbons of rivers. That moment’s rest at the house Of the hurting kind–mist. “Enough!”   the woman warbled, So now fledgling, Let’s rest in motion,  padding barefoot, claw foot  down nature’s asphalt unknown  what wafty thoughts  found waving from the shallows may conjure forthContinue reading “It Matters”

To Bed, Shoes

Hanging up the sneaky shoes the ones that were left for me to find and try the good quality. They never were my style two left feet I have. I find they are a good fit for those who gave them. Barefoot, sock foot foot loose and fancy free is now my song. Free inContinue reading “To Bed, Shoes”

Here’s to Starry Skies

“We should be lifting each other up and cheering each other on, not trying to outdo one another. The sky would be awfully dark with just one star.” Stacie (With gratefulness extended to Mindagust Vitkus for posting his photo on Unsplash and to a private friend on FB who posted the original quote by someoneContinue reading “Here’s to Starry Skies”

From One to Three

Lonely me was one to be and then I saw the Three in me He showed His face in the the frosted trees, in the first yellow sign of sundown. The showdown of the nastiness directed at me. And now I know my mind and soul He’ll keep while I sleep in deep rest andContinue reading “From One to Three”

The Alaska of Our Souls cont. From a previous post.

Then I came upstairs and caressed the plants in the windowsill.  The limp leafed green salad bowl lettuce, the wild and crazy arugula, the tall and stately garlic, the round baby bottomed  leaf broccoli, the spiked and jagged Kale.  I love them all.  And I moved the little rescued chair over to gaze at theContinue reading “The Alaska of Our Souls cont. From a previous post.”