Take a Breather


Medical – – – Man-u-el

Share croppers to lords– when company preaches, do you hide? It may be best to twist their truth, to misalign, to set-up–fall. Hidden with microphones, headsets, cameras, and computers computing the winner of tic tac toe. Recording reactions, intentions of sullied laughter from muddy hearts. Deadened decline to contamination–and “can you limbo lower?”– to go…


Oh to have the kind King here to ask the women standing at the well for water. And to have them admit their shame of looking for a loving husband only to be seen as ones who are blessed. And to remember the only woman who was called ‘daughter’ by Jesus to be the one…

Sunbeams Melting a Battered Heart

Sunbeams across countertop warming the surface littered with the effluvia of a busy life. It looks almost inviting. and she wants to bask in the warm inviting glow from the kitchen sink window. Nothing left to do but tidy the mess like a person who has the essense of a satisfied housekeeper to impress the…


Being watched by people  Is no fun at all I’ve had it with this world Who watch and do not communicate I’m finished, done, never to speak again.

She Speaks

Dear Hon Maryanne Ryan and Hon. Cabinet Members, It is with great concern that I write to you.  As an unwitting victim of abuse I am in the hospital for at least the third and maybe the fourth time with extreme PTSD. This stems from a lifetime of abuse at the hands of parents, husband,…

Wow, God!

“He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit said unto the [7] churches. To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the middle [center] of the paradise of God” Revelations 2:7 Just wondering if perhaps the center of paradise is found in all…

A Little Bird Told Me

Ready fire: im Who’s laughting now, ’cause I’m not Chappo’s Right hand man Puttin, Clinton on the map for Volodymyr. And thanks to the “TOP OF THE Hill” to help our dear true dough. What say you?


That I see the problem from several angles: the dryer vent is leaking gas into the premises, Asked two men in the town to fix it when I knew what the problem was One said he didn’t know anything about it and to call a professional. Another one who took advantage of me and purchased…

Coffee Hearts All Around

Who spilled the coffee? I spilled the coffee, and look what it made. My humble belief is that God has many names, and He is my Creator and yours too. My sticking part was Jesus Christ who I believe is a perfect host for human strife. May I humbly suggest, JC was manufactured to imprison…

Thank You

This piece was written in response to a series of pictures paired with a song, that my friend sent me on Facebook. May it carry you on your own healing journey of Life Everlasting.


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