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Climbing Out of Sorrow

We love our sisters, The Afghan women; The mothers with their daughters, The daughters with their sons. With voices shackled, And education, and vocation . . . It’s all too much to comprehend. And yet we must. We foreigners, are peeking Into their forlorn world, With almost half the babies suffering With stunted brain andContinue reading Climbing Out of Sorrow


Waiting and waiting for the text to show Wondering if I’m in his thoughts He’s surely in mine Think of him all the time His hands are strong And he can carry his own Around the tools in his shop He has the key to unlock my heart Waiting, waiting impatiently For the heart shapedContinue reading Chimes


Sent some photos, just to . . . who knows. Wanted good ones–Fat no shows: But alas, it all goes south. From my hand into my mouth. Gonna work out somehow soon, Just be kind while bouncing round The living room. FX body blasters on Sweating, stumbling, panting to song. They say two weeks, IContinue reading Snapshot

Due Date

As the Elevation Worship song “Available” played on Annie’s computer, she struggled with the whole idea of the hidden recording device in the confessional booth.  Lost in worship, she cried out to God and asked Him what she should do. The next day, Annie went to church as a missionary.  She walked to the boothContinue reading Due Date


While waiting for the dialysis episode to be over, Paul and Annie were talking. “Thank you for agreeing to teach me financial investing. I need to warn you though, that it’s going to be frustrating for you,” Annie said. “I won’t get frustrated, I can teach anyone,” he said. “Everyone who’s ever tried to teachContinue reading Dilemma

Feeling Pulled

Annie asked her daughter to look after Sadie and took a few minutes to throw several outfits in a suitcase, thankful again for her practice of creating outfits as she folded her laundry.  She put the bag in the car and double-checked the dog food in the house.  Then she looked through the fridge andContinue reading “Feeling Pulled”


It was a difficult shopping trip and once home, all Annie could do was snuggle with her dog Sadie.  “Oh Sadie, you’re so good to me.  I feel so lonely.  I’ve tried to make friends but I always seem to do something that embarrasses myself and then I’m afraid to contact the women again.  IContinue reading Futures


“You just need a friend to help you start to socialize in a group,” Annie’s daughter told her. “You’re right, but who will that be?” Annie asked. “I get nervous when I’m asked to do an activity and I seem to overreact when I just sit in an audience. I feel hopeless.” “Be kind toContinue reading “Alone”

Chocolate Mint

With a sense of relief, Annie went home and, kicking off her shoes, walked to the cupboard to root out the chocolate mint weed chocolate bar she kept for special occasions. Breaking off a piece, she studied it and then popped it into her mouth, knowing that twenty minutes later she would be laughing atContinue reading “Chocolate Mint”


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