Take a Breather


Dear Jesus

Thank you for life and breath. I am so very grateful for the beautiful children You care for. Thank you for blessing the lives of all people through Your goodness, strength and loving kindness. My humble prayer is that You will continue protect ALL YOUR beloved children. Thank you for opening our eyes to theContinue reading “Dear Jesus”

Let the Bird Out

Our Father/Creator/Universe Maker now please set the world we know free. People be pleased to open the word that flies through the open skies. As we take out bats and strike each other we remain trapped in the doubt of the power of faith. When you’re in trouble it’s easy to say that the devilContinue reading “Let the Bird Out”

Night Flower

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches” Philippians 4:19. Letting loose with the truth in Christ Jesus. Jesus Christ means to me to own your own inequity. I found this with the happy, marching tunes of Reggae music and I’m happy as I think of that presented entity posedContinue reading “Night Flower”

Her Story

I am the daughter that Jesus loved, at least that’s who I identify with in the Bible. My Grandmother’s name was Ruth. Of course, I see many connections, but this is my story from my point of view. Doing my best, I feel blessed. And I feel loved. The Bible, I believe, has been changedContinue reading “Her Story”

Thank God I’m Alive

After believing a lie from a weakened soul while I lost a yes At only 4 years old. And thinking then, I would surely expire I reached outside higher and higher. but grounded properly by self-fulfilling prophecy that my mother would not like me. Despite the love of two siblings and her, and the certainContinue reading “Thank God I’m Alive”

Let’s Get Happy

Is there a reader or a friend of a reader who would be willing to work with me and take all the negativity out of the Bible? It is my belief that it could be finished with a computer program. Does anyone have any idea who could work with me? Please contact me if so.

Language Leads–The Unveiling

Hands up, hands down give it up to the Lamb in the crown–His love prevails. (Picture by Zulmaury Saavedra and posted on Unsplash)

She’s In, Mate

The old mare was just about bullet proof her skin so thick– impenetrable by the pesky needle nosed mosquitoes. Once a race horse but blew her hocks so she hobbles in the hobbles shackled to her feet. But her eyes hold a fire of desire to see reality and pass around the key of sweatContinue reading “She’s In, Mate”

Posit I’ve

Coffee cups of black addiction add it on to the list of things nasty diction. Listen to a little Bob Marly and decide to let negativity ride out the window and onto the cold snow to melt with the warmth of the Son up above (Photo by Nathan Dumlao of Unsplash)


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