Take a Breather


Lifesaving Sounds

With thankfulness extended to
Richard Catabay
@illest_shinobi at Unsplash



with thankfulness extended to Yasser Mutwakil ياسر متوكل for his photo posted on Unsplash.


with thanks extended to Evie S.W.. from Unsplash for not only sharing the photo she took but also sharing the technique she used.

Taking Flight

I ran the good race, and fought the good fight, and it was in surrendering that I took flight!


Hello, my name is Colleen and I am a recovering addict. No such thing, you say. Well, I say your misinformation brings out the warrior in me. See, I was addicted to pain. Rambo was my favorite movie. My dog was named Rambo. I changed his name to Hank. He died. My new dog’s nameContinue reading “Addiction”

At Last, Supper

Cauliflower, white and crisp, fresh, from the two dollar shelf, sexy red pepper pumps, up the mix, and sunflower seeds a plenty. All on a green bed of Popeye strength food. Mixing the whole- some food with my pitch fork sounding on the stir round in the bowl.


Photo by Jonathan Sanchez on Unsplash.

A Mentally Strong Person

Originally posted on Be Inspired..!!:
Mental strength gives you power to work hard and always move forward because you know how to deal with difficult situations and overcome them. We all possess mental strength, just to different degrees. If you train yourself to be more mentally tough you will be able to reach your goals…


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