Take a Breather



Of being alone In a crowded room Full of trap Pings of affluence. A sure predictor. An early death Of the soul. So reach Deep inside And pull out The gems Of your person- Ality that you May share. Be brave  And pull power By giving your honest Self. Stop looking  For ways to be-Continue reading “Loneliness”

Do Tell

This photo was carefully selected from “surface original by design” of Unsplash

The Gift

Why does it happen That you know it’s not good For you, but you drink it, eat it, do it anyway? Do we have some Sick way of thinking  Of ourselves that we think we don’t deserve? I resolve I do care About myself and my wellbeing And I will do what is good forContinue reading “The Gift”

Calling on God

There was a pebble Right under the ball of  My foot, held in place By my shoe. Every step I took I felt The rock and it hurt. It seemed impossible that is was heaven sent. I started to limp And every so often shuffled My right foot trying To dislodge the stone. That’s howContinue reading “Calling on God”

Mind Soap

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi @yogidan2012

First Day

photo by MorganBasham@mpbasham on unsplash


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