It Matters

The Comrade’s  sweepings of life are  spread like cumulus clouds  guiding ribbons of rivers. That moment’s rest at the house Of the hurting kind–mist. “Enough!”   the woman warbled, So now fledgling, Let’s rest in motion,  padding barefoot, claw foot  down nature’s asphalt unknown  what wafty thoughts  found waving from the shallows may conjure forthContinue reading “It Matters”

To Bed, Shoes

Hanging up the sneaky shoes the ones that were left for me to find and try the good quality. They never were my style two left feet I have. I find they are a good fit for those who gave them. Barefoot, sock foot foot loose and fancy free is now my song. Free inContinue reading “To Bed, Shoes”

From One to Three

Lonely me was one to be and then I saw the Three in me He showed His face in the the frosted trees, in the first yellow sign of sundown. The showdown of the nastiness directed at me. And now I know my mind and soul He’ll keep while I sleep in deep rest andContinue reading “From One to Three”

Peace Be With You

The beauty of the curve in life, is astounding and amazing as we each grow with every step around the bend. The most exciting aspect about the process, is that we don’t know what is beyond. We just know, that as we grow. life unfolds with beauty and joy. (Photo supplied by Sunguk Kim ofContinue reading “Peace Be With You”

My Learning Curve

Course after course, coursing through my life. Leaning, learning, loving my space in my life. Liking all the monumental, memorable members of my life. Loving my life I made From God’s path He Created. (With thanks to Greg Rakozy of Unsplash for the wonderful photo)


Daily drunk the poison of false friend- ship and comradery. Only made me stronger and yearn longer for the company of one like me. But always one to override and subside with narcissists all around. The town has grown smaller and at the table stops. Each with a point of view their own and rightContinue reading “Harm-less”