Honorable Justice,

With such a prestigious name and position we humbly ask you to consider us.  We are the so-called down trodden, low lifers, imprisoned human beings.  We have spent a lifetime gaining the courage that you have, and learned from your very public display, how to speak for ourselves.  It’s with heartfelt thanks that we applaudContinue reading “Honorable Justice,”

Prey Tell

Waiting game for the office of the officers to open, for the guests’ wagon of welcome has come and gone in more ways than one. Out of my castle, my home and my room. For the mess they live in, I’m disgruntled enough but the problems they pack around are more like chocolate fudge. IContinue reading “Prey Tell”

It Matters

The Comrade’s  sweepings of life are  spread like cumulus clouds  guiding ribbons of rivers. That moment’s rest at the house Of the hurting kind–mist. “Enough!”   the woman warbled, So now fledgling, Let’s rest in motion,  padding barefoot, claw foot  down nature’s asphalt unknown  what wafty thoughts  found waving from the shallows may conjure forthContinue reading “It Matters”

Hush, Little Baby

Born into minimalism, I was named wee Colleen.  Upon my father’s first sight he said, “She looks like a prune.”  or so the story goes.  The nurses who were dear carried  me around with pride,  an accomplishment as I barely survived.  Their accomplishment shone through as they hugged and cuddled me.  My dear mother, youContinue reading “Hush, Little Baby”

She’s In, Mate

The old mare was just about bullet proof her skin so thick– impenetrable by the pesky needle nosed mosquitoes. Once a race horse but blew her hocks so she hobbles in the hobbles shackled to her feet. But her eyes hold a fire of desire to see reality and pass around the key of sweatContinue reading “She’s In, Mate”


Daily drunk the poison of false friend- ship and comradery. Only made me stronger and yearn longer for the company of one like me. But always one to override and subside with narcissists all around. The town has grown smaller and at the table stops. Each with a point of view their own and rightContinue reading “Harm-less”

Side Stepping in the Morning

Let the dog out tell her she’s a good girl grab a coffee from the shattered woman who gave birth. Each of us with words stuck in our throats. The previous night she sat on the hot seat again but this time was personal and between the whipped one and the mom. Holding firm withContinue reading “Side Stepping in the Morning”