Stolen Humanity?

Rising like a dough boy and noticing somewhere buried inside is a gumby joint that aches from traipsing through slightly crusted over snow drifts of my mind. The type of drift that kindly takes the full weight of me then collapses and sinks ice crystals into sloppy snow boots. All the while carrying a heavyContinue reading “Stolen Humanity?”

Sunbeams Melting a Battered Heart

Sunbeams across countertop warming the surface littered with the effluvia of a busy life. It looks almost inviting. and she wants to bask in the warm inviting glow from the kitchen sink window. Nothing left to do but tidy the mess like a person who has the essense of a satisfied housekeeper to impress theContinue reading “Sunbeams Melting a Battered Heart”

Coffee Hearts All Around

Who spilled the coffee? I spilled the coffee, and look what it made. My humble belief is that God has many names, and He is my Creator and yours too. My sticking part was Jesus Christ who I believe is a perfect host for human strife. May I humbly suggest, JC was manufactured to imprisonContinue reading “Coffee Hearts All Around”

Honorable Justice,

With such a prestigious name and position we humbly ask you to consider us.  We are the so-called down trodden, low lifers, imprisoned human beings.  We have spent a lifetime gaining the courage that you have, and learned from your very public display, how to speak for ourselves.  It’s with heartfelt thanks that we applaudContinue reading “Honorable Justice,”

A Perfect Morning

Waking up next to the warmth of him stretching and then holding and giving his arms a gentle squeeze. Self-love–stretching and pulling the mind. Then padding out to the kitchen and preparing a simple, yet classic meal of Bruschetta and grapes, laying it out on a charcuterie platter. Next, steeling into the bedroom to rouseContinue reading “A Perfect Morning”

See Saw Serenade

The angel child was given a cross with a mustard seed the father he loved her and not to displease, as she was deprived of the apple of his eye. The angel look did slowly recede with the actions of the hurting read. With oceans of emotions she bound her feet and traveled inside. TheContinue reading “See Saw Serenade”

Her Name Is Judy

On his way to the convenience store The man stopped To reach deep into his pocket And withdrew the only coin he had Which was a toonie. His thumb rubbed the golden center As he caressed the queen’s face And with a gentle gesture Handed the coin to the seemingly broken girl. With cat’s eyesContinue reading “Her Name Is Judy”

Prey Tell

Waiting game for the office of the officers to open, for the guests’ wagon of welcome has come and gone in more ways than one. Out of my castle, my home and my room. For the mess they live in, I’m disgruntled enough but the problems they pack around are more like chocolate fudge. IContinue reading “Prey Tell”

Words Worth Listening To

Personally, I love the line . . . “to suffer the ignorance of those who lie to you for their own personal gain” All too often I’ve been lied to so others may gain a sense of superiority. The loss of dignity I feel is worth far more to me than the gain that othersContinue reading “Words Worth Listening To”