A Road of Apples

A child denied A piece of cake Clooses to lash back With incredible hate. With secret knife In the darkness of The shortest night She played her Version of Her horrid life. The mother, of course Received the wrath Despite the fact that Daddy Loved her wrong. So now the fruit Destroys the root ButContinue reading “A Road of Apples”

Wicked Whispers

The whispered words of vile hate  At night mean to end my flight- Path to the green backs  That is much needed– Were heard and heeded In the early darkness of pre-dawn. Or was it the near late darkness  Of poverty? Not only one resume but Two crafted word docs Were sent the future gods Continue reading “Wicked Whispers”

My Learning Curve

Course after course, coursing through my life. Leaning, learning, loving my space in my life. Liking all the monumental, memorable members of my life. Loving my life I made From God’s path He Created. (With thanks to Greg Rakozy of Unsplash for the wonderful photo)

Her Story

from my point of view Some men have disregarded my emotions running my mind through the mud when I only wanted to lift them up. Then some sisters with their misunderstanding and jealousy stomped on my face, filling my nose, my eyes, and my mouth with their vile, distant distaste. And the ones who knewContinue reading “Her Story”