Sprinkler’s false rain Leopard spotted the window, And outside, the rich black soil, Like quicksand. So spots remain, Troubling my view Of the poplar jungle outside. And I wonder How I’ve transplanted Myself from single Barren home, to home Filled to brimming By another. Will she mind if I declutter? Will he? And I breatheContinue reading “Mannequin”

The Alaska of Our Souls cont. From a previous post.

Then I came upstairs and caressed the plants in the windowsill.  The limp leafed green salad bowl lettuce, the wild and crazy arugula, the tall and stately garlic, the round baby bottomed  leaf broccoli, the spiked and jagged Kale.  I love them all.  And I moved the little rescued chair over to gaze at theContinue reading “The Alaska of Our Souls cont. From a previous post.”

Dear Jesus

Thank you for life and breath. I am so very grateful for the beautiful children You care for. Thank you for blessing the lives of all people through Your goodness, strength and loving kindness. My humble prayer is that You will continue protect ALL YOUR beloved children. Thank you for opening our eyes to theContinue reading “Dear Jesus”