The Alaska of Our Souls cont. From a previous post.

Then I came upstairs and caressed the plants in the windowsill.  The limp leafed green salad bowl lettuce, the wild and crazy arugula, the tall and stately garlic, the round baby bottomed  leaf broccoli, the spiked and jagged Kale.  I love them all.  And I moved the little rescued chair over to gaze at theContinue reading “The Alaska of Our Souls cont. From a previous post.”

Tackling the Misnaming of ADHD

Living with what they term ADHD Is not what you think. It’s wonderful, fantastic and exhilarating! True, as an adult I must be Cognizant of the job I take Because receptionist, bank teller, And server just do not work for me. But put me somewhere that I can Use creativity and imagination And somewhere thereContinue reading “Tackling the Misnaming of ADHD”


A ship at sea guided By a captain who struggles With the odd cold or two. He needs seamen To help him through The episodes of being trapped In the doldrums of mental illness. At times, the captain’s colds morph Into pneumonia and he needs Hospitalization leaving his trusty crew To guide the rudder. OftenContinue reading “Captain”