Prey Tell

Waiting game for the office of the officers to open, for the guests’ wagon of welcome has come and gone in more ways than one. Out of my castle, my home and my room. For the mess they live in, I’m disgruntled enough but the problems they pack around are more like chocolate fudge. IContinue reading “Prey Tell”

The Alaska of Our Souls cont. From a previous post.

Then I came upstairs and caressed the plants in the windowsill.  The limp leafed green salad bowl lettuce, the wild and crazy arugula, the tall and stately garlic, the round baby bottomed  leaf broccoli, the spiked and jagged Kale.  I love them all.  And I moved the little rescued chair over to gaze at theContinue reading “The Alaska of Our Souls cont. From a previous post.”