Stolen Humanity?

Rising like a dough boy and noticing somewhere buried inside is a gumby joint that aches from traipsing through slightly crusted over snow drifts of my mind. The type of drift that kindly takes the full weight of me then collapses and sinks ice crystals into sloppy snow boots. All the while carrying a heavyContinue reading “Stolen Humanity?”

Medical – – – Man-u-el

Share croppers to lords– when company preaches, do you hide? It may be best to twist their truth, to misalign, to set-up–fall. Hidden with microphones, headsets, cameras, and computers computing the winner of tic tac toe. Recording reactions, intentions of sullied laughter from muddy hearts. Deadened decline to contamination–and “can you limbo lower?”– to goContinue reading “Medical – – – Man-u-el”

Words Worth Listening To

Personally, I love the line . . . “to suffer the ignorance of those who lie to you for their own personal gain” All too often I’ve been lied to so others may gain a sense of superiority. The loss of dignity I feel is worth far more to me than the gain that othersContinue reading “Words Worth Listening To”

It Matters

The Comrade’s  sweepings of life are  spread like cumulus clouds  guiding ribbons of rivers. That moment’s rest at the house Of the hurting kind–mist. “Enough!”   the woman warbled, So now fledgling, Let’s rest in motion,  padding barefoot, claw foot  down nature’s asphalt unknown  what wafty thoughts  found waving from the shallows may conjure forthContinue reading “It Matters”

Wicked Whispers

The whispered words of vile hate  At night mean to end my flight- Path to the green backs  That is much needed– Were heard and heeded In the early darkness of pre-dawn. Or was it the near late darkness  Of poverty? Not only one resume but Two crafted word docs Were sent the future gods Continue reading “Wicked Whispers”