She’s In, Mate

The old mare was just about bullet proof her skin so thick– impenetrable by the pesky needle nosed mosquitoes. Once a race horse but blew her hocks so she hobbles in the hobbles shackled to her feet. But her eyes hold a fire of desire to see reality and pass around the key of sweatContinue reading “She’s In, Mate”


Daily drunk the poison of false friend- ship and comradery. Only made me stronger and yearn longer for the company of one like me. But always one to override and subside with narcissists all around. The town has grown smaller and at the table stops. Each with a point of view their own and rightContinue reading “Harm-less”

Reblogged from Michael Caicco of Fusion Career Services

Managed HR Services Staffing Solutions Find Me a Career Home > Blog > Human Resources > Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Mature Worker Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Mature Worker  May 2, 2017  Michael Caicco  Human Resources A mature worker is not always a first choice when hiring new staff. Some people managersContinue reading “Reblogged from Michael Caicco of Fusion Career Services”

Good Marketing

“Mancave for Free” the ad said. And the men got enthused with the thought of a free pass for a gaming table and shuffleboard, beer keg stools and a dart board; as well as toolboxes and tools and kayaks and camping stuff. The crafty woman appealed to their senses in her need to find aContinue reading “Good Marketing”