In the storm of your life When the ship is going down’ And the waters are roaring below. Be resilient and calm like the Baker on the ship Who drank his way to fame  In the kitchen down below. He then calmly assisted All the dames and their babes Into boats of ‘certain’ life  WhileContinue reading “Cheers!”

Mother’s Lament

Her room was empty, Except it was not. Filled with the trappings of Her life like the abandoned teddy she received from her First boyfriend, The now barren desk she hammered out Her last minute essays, The blue fairy curtains That captured her dreams,  And the small empty trinket box She once kept her bicycleContinue reading “Mother’s Lament”

The Catharsis

Going to fetch my mother And bring her back   to help me.  It’s bittersweet As I had to humble Myself and ask for help But still to make her feel  Needed. For sure, I  Can do it on my own But want some nurturing. Hope it doesn’t come to fists But sometimes the trek isContinue reading “The Catharsis”

Who is in Our Dreams?

In all my years I never thought The war would come to pass; Even though I lived in the army show I never thought, alas. The story that sticks well with me Is the one of the farmer girl Who found a fallen soldier In the barn, for sure. She snuck him homemade bread AndContinue reading “Who is in Our Dreams?”