From One to Three

Lonely me was one to be and then I saw the Three in me He showed His face in the the frosted trees, in the first yellow sign of sundown. The showdown of the nastiness directed at me. And now I know my mind and soul He’ll keep while I sleep in deep rest andContinue reading “From One to Three”

Let the Bird Out

Our Father/Creator/Universe Maker now please set the world we know free. People be pleased to open the word that flies through the open skies. As we take out bats and strike each other we remain trapped in the doubt of the power of faith. When you’re in trouble it’s easy to say that the devilContinue reading “Let the Bird Out”

Basking in God’s Grace

Wondering where to go when I was broken . . . With scared steps I entered the church Like a rabbit or a lamb; But I was dirty And ashamed. People were there who truly did care. With rod and staff to be sure, Like a child or a teen. I was reprimanded And shamed.Continue reading Basking in God’s Grace