A Short Story

Dear daughter loved a teddy bear. She snuggled on his knee and shared a secret or two, or three. Dear Grandmother loved a teddy too.  She snuggled up to him as he would have her do.  And then it did not end. Dear mother met him and pushed away and in the end told not toContinue reading A Short Story

Well, Love, What Do You Have to Say?

“What do you do to calm her down at night,” her father-in-law asked? “I sing to her,” Annie said. “That’s good,” he said. “You can stand in the doorway and sing all night long,” Annie said. That statement put the plug in it. “Mom, please give me a copy of the lullaby you made upContinue reading Well, Love, What Do You Have to Say?

Track and Field

The woman’s voice whispered in the night  as she stood at her grandson’s bedroom door, filling their heads with her words.  Much later she stood outside her granddaughter’s door and just shook her head, “Please Jesus, just let them get some sleep,” she whispered. The girls had been up for hours playing and disrupting theContinue reading “Track and Field”

The Raven Catharsis

Originally posted on Purple Pennies:
This will be a memorable road trip, I thought, as I was driving down the street admiring the bittersweet beauty of the Garry Oak’s shedding their leaves in a? final burst of red, orange and yellow glory.? My sister and I were traveling four hours away to fling my mother’s…