Sitting with a good friend, Kay laughed at the memory of how she used to sharpen her nails into little points and apply iridescent pink polish to them.  “You wore nail polish?” he said, looking at her now jagged nails. “That was when I had more time,” Kay said, looking down and balling her hands.Continue reading “Realization”


A ship at sea guided By a captain who struggles With the odd cold or two. He needs seamen To help him through The episodes of being trapped In the doldrums of mental illness. At times, the captain’s colds morph Into pneumonia and he needs Hospitalization leaving his trusty crew To guide the rudder. OftenContinue reading “Captain”


It was a difficult shopping trip and once home, all Annie could do was snuggle with her dog Sadie.  “Oh Sadie, you’re so good to me.  I feel so lonely.  I’ve tried to make friends but I always seem to do something that embarrasses myself and then I’m afraid to contact the women again.  IContinue reading Futures