Sometimes Luck Needs a Little Participation

Helping someone was something Annie was accustomed to in her youth, but since her children were grown, she rarely cared for another.  As she tucked the blanket over Paul’s shoulders, changed the vomit pail, prepared the dialysis apparatus and woke him when the fluid bags needed changing, she got in touch with her humanity again. Continue reading Sometimes Luck Needs a Little Participation


The idea of a tattoo had been running through her head every day.  First, she had wanted a bridge over the stream on her ankle.  Then she changed that idea to a stream with seven stepping stones with the letters  c-a-l-l-i-n-g on them.  Finally, this morning she thought of the man who had picked herContinue reading Amazing

The Raven Catharsis

Originally posted on Purple Pennies:
This will be a memorable road trip, I thought, as I was driving down the street admiring the bittersweet beauty of the Garry Oak’s shedding their leaves in a? final burst of red, orange and yellow glory.? My sister and I were traveling four hours away to fling my mother’s…


Love is a choice.  She knows just where she’s going But not how to get there. Forgets to brake before the corner Almost off the road With a shake of the shoulders She steps out to the ditch Lets loose and starts to run Back in the seat, and on again Others report her forContinue reading Goldfish


Watermelon apples in a melody Man on the moon Plain to see Thoughts racing back and forth Frothing, panting, chanting  Chatting, squawking, chirping Thundering, sprinkling, tinkling No more need to contemplate Toasting knowing hearing joy in magnitude Joining nature interlude Waving raining falling  Gaining waning waving Giving growing loving Going long Loving