Basking in God’s Grace

Wondering where to go when I was broken . . . With scared steps I entered the church Like a rabbit or a lamb; But I was dirty And ashamed. People were there who truly did care. With rod and staff to be sure, Like a child or a teen. I was reprimanded And shamed.Continue reading Basking in God’s Grace

Putting the Dog Out

Apple wine and crackers As I tied up the potted mums That had been destroyed by the dog. Now, relaxing in the evening– Had my fill and then some. Some had meant to hurt, Putting their own pain and shame upon my head And feeling better when they hit me With their words;  Or theirContinue reading “Putting the Dog Out”

The Needle Sharp

She was clean And then used again The vultures peck your heart. You wanna yell, you wanna swear, You wanna kick her out. It’s not the same As you would think. She lies and keeps the secret safe She sleeps and snores and hides In the dungeon of the cellar. You just want to tellContinue reading “The Needle Sharp”