Peace Be With You

The beauty of the curve in life, is astounding and amazing as we each grow with every step around the bend. The most exciting aspect about the process, is that we don’t know what is beyond. We just know, that as we grow. life unfolds with beauty and joy. (Photo supplied by Sunguk Kim ofContinue reading “Peace Be With You”

My Learning Curve

Course after course, coursing through my life. Leaning, learning, loving my space in my life. Liking all the monumental, memorable members of my life. Loving my life I made From God’s path He Created. (With thanks to Greg Rakozy of Unsplash for the wonderful photo)

Bad Company

The dance of trepidation Heavy silences Furtive glances Words forced Through stiff jaws And the radio  Doing it’s best To lighten the mood. What it takes is An attitude change And a softened eye And voice. With tender lips She voices the words, “And how are you doing?” Listening with attentive Ears for the answer.Continue reading “Bad Company”