Whistle Blower

And then the boldness began. One tweet, two tweet, three tweet, four. Controversy seemed to flow from her fingers as she found one scandal after another online and blasted them over the internet. But her purpose was to incite others to action. Her purpose was to expose the issues. First, there was a high rankingContinue reading “Whistle Blower”

A Short Story

Dear daughter loved a teddy bear. She snuggled on his knee and shared a secret or two, or three. Dear Grandmother loved a teddy too.  She snuggled up to him as he would have her do.  And then it did not end. Dear mother met him and pushed away and in the end told not toContinue reading A Short Story


The idea of a tattoo had been running through her head every day.  First, she had wanted a bridge over the stream on her ankle.  Then she changed that idea to a stream with seven stepping stones with the letters  c-a-l-l-i-n-g on them.  Finally, this morning she thought of the man who had picked herContinue reading Amazing

Stumbling With Blistered Feet

Decades later, Ruth’s daughter Annie lay on the couch, exhausted.  Lately she’d been running a marathon, working so hard on herself to be a better person and truly believing she was relying on her Jesus to heal.  but not understanding the full force of rest in the Lord. Two hours after she lay down herContinue reading “Stumbling With Blistered Feet”

The Raven Catharsis

Originally posted on Purple Pennies:
This will be a memorable road trip, I thought, as I was driving down the street admiring the bittersweet beauty of the Garry Oak’s shedding their leaves in a? final burst of red, orange and yellow glory.? My sister and I were traveling four hours away to fling my mother’s…