An Exhilarating Exercise

I highly recommend doing the following exercise and also reading the book. Direct quote passed on to me by someone very good to me.  It is from the book Search Inside Yourself: Increase Productivity, Creativity and Happiness [ePub edition] Kindle Edition by Chade-Meng Tan  (Author), Daniel Goleman (Foreword), Jon Kabat-Zinn (Foreword)  Found on Amazon.  Here’sContinue reading “An Exhilarating Exercise”

When the Visit’s Over

Sitting and stewing  Adds weight on The mind. When the past babies Now grown adults Leave There is loss. With fortitude Beat the doldrums. It helps to pamper yourself By snuggling up with A book and hot orange spice tea With honey, of course, Or tromping in the healing forest With your faithful dog, OrContinue reading “When the Visit’s Over”

Who is in Our Dreams?

In all my years I never thought The war would come to pass; Even though I lived in the army show I never thought, alas. The story that sticks well with me Is the one of the farmer girl Who found a fallen soldier In the barn, for sure. She snuck him homemade bread AndContinue reading “Who is in Our Dreams?”